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Test you have to take in accordance with the Driving Standards Agency DSA
Before embarking upon taking practical driving lessons, you need to have passed theory test.
The theory is a two part test of which the second part is a hazard perception test.


Theory test

Practical test


The theory test consists of fifty multiple choice questions, taken from a question bank of 1000 questions.  The required pass mark is a minimum of 43 correctly answered questions within a time limit of 57 mins. 


The hazard perception part of your theory test consists of a series of 14 one minute video clips, each one showing potential hazards.  With one of the clips showing two hazards it means there are a total of 15 hazards to be identified.  You must spot the developing hazards by clicking the mouse button, the video will acknowledge your response by showing a red warning sign. 


Your minimum pass score on this section of the test is 43 points out of a total of 75 points.  If will shown video sample of how you to perform on this part of the test.  Note that the theory and hazard perception combined are viewed as one test. To fail either would mean that you have failed your theory.


  Please remember that you can only book a practical test after having passed your theory.  It is also essential to discuss suitability of time and dates with your driving instructor before confirming a date for a practical driving test. 


Your Practical Driving Test


Prior to a practical test the pupil will be given a mock test by his or her driving instructor, the purpose of which is to assess your general ready for the test.  Your instructor will be assessing the following key areas, composure; safety awareness and ability to transfer driving theory to practice with ease. 


The actual test will last a total of 35-40 minutes, weather and traffic conditions permitting.  Before starting the test the examiner will request to see your photo id card licence.  Following an eye test, if successful you will escort the examiner to the car.  You will be asked by the examiner whether or not you want your driving instructor present during your test or only present at your debriefing at the end of the test.  


 The examiner may get you to open the bonnet, and is likely to ask you one or two safety questions at this stage.  This requirement comes under the show me tell me section which is an opportunity to demonstrate to the examiner that you can drive safely and can confidently adapt to changes in driving conditions.  


You will be taken along a designated test route, which involves busy town roads, dual carriageways. There will be one manoeuvre but could possibly be 2 which will be the emergency stop excercise. In assessing your driving the examiner will allow you up to 15 minor faults resulting. One or more serious or dangerous faults will deliver an automatic fail. 



This involves 20 minutes of Sat navigation system and 20 minutes to round off the test with 1 maneuver if there is no Sat nav you will be responding to traffic signs or directions. You will be given a diagram of directions or traffic signs, the examiner will repeat it over, and then expect you to repeat it back, this will help you in making your own decisions. The examiner could give you a route for example to Green ford, you will go as far as you can following signs to Greenford, when you have reached in the area the examiner will get you to pullover and then redirect you to another area.  If you take a wrong direction, the examiner will put you back on route, you can confirm with the examiner whether or not you are on track.  The expectation is that you demonstrate safe driving and not cause any serious driving faults, you will also get one manoeuvre, to complete the practical test.   

Show me Tell me

The show me tell me will relate to the particular car which you are practicing in, this would be to your advantage at the time of your test. You will gather basic knowledge on the electrical and mechanical aspects of the car. There are a total of 21 questions these are in two parts 14 show me and 7 tell me and the examiner will ask 2 safety questions on the move, all of which should be familiar to the pupil as two to three of those questions will be asked randomly.


Example of show me question: The examiner will ask you to show him whether your hazard lights are working.

Example of Tell me question: The examiner will ask you explain to him how you would go about checking your brakes are in good working order before starting a journey.