Uwant2drive Driving School

Uwant2drive Driving School
It's time to start driving.

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Booking Prices
Pre-booked lessons must be paid up in full, before the start date of your first lesson.
1 hour (Evening bookings)
Lessons booked after 6pm will be charged at £36.00 per hour
1.5 hour
2 hour
5 hour
7.5 hour
10 hour
10 hour (Student Special Offer)
Please note that a valid student id must be shown to the instructor, in order to access this special offer.
12 hour
16 hour
20 hours
Saving £20
24 hours
Saving £30
30 hours
Saving £40, All inclusive 30 hour lessons, including hire of the car on the day of the test.
40 hours
Saving £80
DVSA Theory Test
For your convenience.
Driving Test
Practical weekday
Driving Test
Weekend/Bank Holidays.
Practical Test + Car Hire
Cost of hiring the car, includes 1 hour lesson.
Practical Test Using Your Own Personal Car
Use your own vehicle on the day of test, you get a 1 hour warm up and cost of practical test.
Pass Plus

Well done you have passed your test, but still have not got the confidence in dealing with basic road manoeuvres, and that’s where pass plus comes in. To do pass plus, you must do 6hrs tuition motorway training and also deal with adverse weather, so you will be building up your confidence as your skills are developing towards becoming a more safe driver. There are 6 modules to go through depending on what particular manoeuvre you want to do, after completing the pass plus scheme, you should get 40% discount off your insurance premium, only after completion of your pass plus.