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If you’re taking lessons for the first time all you require are the two parts of your licence {Paper and Photograph} and to be 17 years of age. Price listings and information on special offer deals can be found on the website, or if you’d like to make an enquiry please call or text me on
07956 555 683

no stress

My many years of experience in the driving instructing industry alongside my excellent people skills ensure that lessons will be conducted professionally and in a relaxed yet controlled manner. Your driving experience will be nerve free and stress free.


If you’ve successfully passed your test, but feel that you still need to build confidence out on the open road, there is something for you. Pass Plus, which consists of 6, 1 hour modules: Night, Town, and Village Driving, Dual Carriage Ways, Motorways and driving in Adverse Weather.


Senior Citizen 1 Senior citizens whether a full licence holder, needing a refresher course or a complete beginner, we cater for you. Lessons will be set at £22 per hour, please call for enquiries.

young drivers

Young driver 1 Finally, it’s time to start driving. Fed up of getting the bus, jumping on the train or tired of walking; what are you waiting for? Get up and get behind the wheel!


your instructor

InstructorMy name is Franklin Bernard I am the founder of uwant2drive school of motoring I am a qualified driving instructor with over 35 years driving experience.

Welcome to Uwant2Drive

Are you fed-up with the inconvenience of public transport or high taxi fares? Are you looking foward to the independence of not being reliant on others for going from place to place? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then Uwant2Drive is the school for you.