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Franklin is the best driving instructor! He is very patient he picks up on your faults very quickly. He always helps you to improve your driving and gives you the confidence to be a safe driver. Without Franklin I don’t think I would’ve passed my driving test with only three faults. Franklin is very down to earth and reliable. I would recommend Franklin to absolutely anyone, Rachel O’Brien.(11th November 2011, White City)
Date of Posting: 11 November 2011
Posted By: Rachel
I once thought that I would never get my driver’s licence due to fear of failure. However, through a family friend I was introduced to Franklin. I don’t think I would have a licence right now if not for him. He was very understanding and helpful for he understood that I’m a student and he worked out a time schedule suitable for me. His teaching style is relaxed yet constructive which allows me to build my confidence. In addition, his persona is always very cheerful, bubbly and at times comical so you know you’re guaranteed to in a good mood prior to each lesson, Mohammed Al-Baghdadi(1st November 2011, Norwood Green)
Date of Posting: 01 November 2011
Posted By: Mohammed