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Hi there,
Yes, you who is looking for a driving instructor that will make you PASS your test! :) Don't look any further, Franklin is the man, he absolutely is, trust me, you will never regret having chosen him! Indeed, at the end of the day, getting your license is business: you pay money and you want good quality service...well, I rarely felt like I had invested my money so well! I took 20 hours, and I made progress with each lesson, Franklin is the best driving instructor EVER, he made me feel confident, and more importantly, he taught me how to drive the PROPER WAY! You will know how to drive, even if you think it is impossible for you (and the car is a hostile environment to you) because Franklin will not give you a break, he will be behind your every move while in the car to be sure that you get the right reflexes and that you always remember what you have to do when you have to do it! Believe me, I was a desperate case, I never thought I would possibly ever get my license as I thought driving was not for me...and yet I passed on my first attempt (with 1 minor fault!!). I could not believe it, but while driving with the examiner on the day, I realised that I actually knew how to drive on my own!!! I now feel confident that I will be a good driver! You will see the difference compared to any other instructor, believe me, Franklin was recommended to me and I will recommend him to anyone who wants to pass his test! Good luck to you!
Date of Posting: 22 August 2015
Posted By: Jessica
Business Analyst, Uxbridge
When I first started my lessons with Franklin all I had was a passion to drive and no driving experience at all but Franklin showed me how to drive safely in a way that becomes almost second nature, Franklin has a relaxed and friendly manner which helps to put you at ease. With his advice I was able to pass both Theory and Practical tests and now feel confident to start out on the road.

Thanks again Franklin couldn't of done it without you!
Date of Posting: 12 April 2015
Posted By: Benjamin Tome-Cecil

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